Silvers Superior Antibacterial

SILVERbac technology provides the highest standard of silver-infused antimicrobial fabrics and coatings for a broad range of applications in the home and workplace.

Since Egyptian times, Silver has proven a potent antimicrobial and healing agent. Pure silver ionises whether the environment is humid or dry. When in contact with water or oxygen, silver emits ions which are attracted to the charge on microbes. Silver’s ions act by disrupting the respiratory and reproduction processes of the microbes.

Harmful bacteria can hide on untreated surfaces and within fabric fibres, making them difficult to remove and resulting in odour. Our patented technology uses pure silver infused directly into polymers and fibres, which then can be woven into fabrics used in a multitude of valuable everyday applications from an athlete’s tee-shirt to a hospital medical tube. SILVERbac technology keeps working throughout the life of the product, creating a lifetime of antimicrobial protection.


SILVERbac is different from our competitor’s materials because of the unique way the product is added during the extrusion process of polymers. The resulting product is perfect for all applications where confidence in hygiene and the fight against harmful bacteria is paramount.

SILVERbac is not a coating or a topical treatment. It is not padded or exhausted. It is incorporated into polymers at the point of manufacture and will be there for the lifetime of the product.

The SILVERbac antimicrobial additive is provided as a master batch and can be incorporated directly into the material’s manufacturing process with no additional changes or modifications to current industry standard equipment. Unique master batches are available for a broad range of polymers including polyester, nylon, PBT, ABS, PVC, and PP.

Since SILVERbac is encapsulated within the base polymer of the fibre used in textiles, its effectiveness won’t wear off or be washed out during laundering or cleaning and will last for the lifespan of the material. The look and feel is not affected.

Independently tested by accredited global laboratories, SILVERbac is effective against harmful pathogens including MRSA and E.coli.





Although silver has been around for millennia as a powerful agent against harmful bacteria it has only recently been discovered as an additive to fabrics to improve safety, hygiene, and longevity, and has been independently proven to deactivate viruses.

Not all silver treatments are the same: Some are applied superficially, some are difficult to incorporate into certain materials, some wash out quickly. As always, the difference is in the details.

SILVERbac – inherent antimicrobial technology providing durable hygienic protection for your family

Why SILVERbac – An Introduction

Frequently asked questions

What is SILVERbac?

SILVERbac is a patented antimicrobial ingredient based on pure metallic silver that can be incorporated into a variety of substrates to confer durable antimicrobial functionality. It is not a coating or a topical treatment, and is not ‘nano-silver’

Why should I use an antimicrobial, and why should I choose SILVERbac?

Improving your product with antimicrobial protection adds value, confidence and performance, and promises hygienic protection for your customers. SILVERbac is the obvious choice for performance, durability and for the wide range of germs it combats, including viruses and bacteria

How does SILVERbac work?

SILVERbac releases silver ions even when dry which disrupt metabolic processes across organism cell walls, ultimately leading to the demise of bacteria and other organisms

Will SILVERbac wash out?

No – once SILVERbac is incorporated, it will never wash out and provides antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the product

Can I describe my SILVERbac treated article as ‘antibacterial’?

You can say that the article is protected by SILVERbac antimicrobial additive and support the claim with laboratory tests to internationally recognised standards. Our team can help with marketing claims

Is SILVERbac effective against viruses?

Yes – tests prove SILVERbac confers rapid antiviral activity, but claims must be limited to the article as sold and supported by test data – our team can advise on the correct path to market

Why should my products have SILVERbac protection?

Because unlike any other antimicrobial additive, SILVERbac will never wash out and is resistant to bleaches and detergents. SILVERbac treated fibres can be dyed without losing effectiveness, even Polyester

What can SILVERbac be integrated into?

SILVERbac can be incorporated into most polymeric systems, including fibres such as Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, Acrylic, and blends of those fibres with cotton, viscose, etc. Also, SILVERbac can be used to protect plastics such as PE, PP, ABS, etc.

What are example applications for SILVERbac?

SILVERbac can be used in textiles, plastics, polymers, paints and coatings. Examples of end uses include clothing, bedlinen, pillows, fiber-filling, upholstery, towelling, medical devices, coatings, carpets – the list is endless!

What does SILVERbac protect against?

Incorporation of SILVERbac reduces the proliferation of bacteria such as MRSA, E-Coli, and has shown effectiveness against viruses as well as fungal contamination

Is SILVERbac antimicrobial protection safe?

SILVERbac is made from food-grade silver and is non-toxic. We hold numerous international accreditations, and hold IAC (International Antimicrobial Council) certification

Will SILVERbac change my treated article?

No – you cannot see or feel SILVERbac but it’s always there providing inherent antimicrobial protection

How do I know my product has been protected by SILVERbac?

A simple detector will confirm the presence of SILVERbac on any treated article, giving you and your customers confidence that your product is protected

What registrations does SILVERbac have?

SILVERbac is registered with the EPA in the USA and is listed as an OEKO-TEX accepted ACP (Active Chemical Product).
In addition SILVERbac is IAC (International Antimicrobial Council USA) Accredited & Certified, Bio compatibility tested, and has been tested for next-to-skin irritation

What cost will SILVERbac add to my treated article?

Not as much as you might think, because the amount added is low compared to other antimicrobial treatments

Is SILVERbac environmentally friendly?

Unlike other antimicrobials, including silver-based additives, SILVERbac can’t be removed from a treated article, and so will not end up in waterways and oceans. Treated products last longer and are less of a drain on natural resources, and textiles treated with SILVERbac can be washed at lower temperatures, saving on energy resources and costs


We use ASTM E3160-18 (Standard Test Method for Quantitative Evaluation of the Antibacterial Properties of Porous Antibacterial Treated Articles) because it is easier to perform in laboratories around the world and is subject to fewer variabilities in testing.


SILVERbac inhibits the growth of 99.9% of bacterial pathogens on the surface of treated products
SILVERbac technology minimizes bacteria that thrive in perspiration to create unpleasant odors
SILVERbac remains effective for the lifetime of the product
Fabrics enhanced with SILVERbac are environmentally friendly and non-toxic


SILVERbac works continuously across a range of environments to reduce bacteria and other harmful microbes. Encapsulated within the base polymer of the raw material and resistant to multiple washes, it will continue to be effective for the lifetime of the garment

Silver ions impact the respiratory and reproductive processes of microbes. These multiple assaults on individual microbes reduce the colony growth rate and eliminate bacteria buildup on surfaces that include SILVERbac


Patented antimicrobial technology for textiles, plastics and coatings