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Resoré towels – made with antibacterial, eco-friendly SILVERbac fibers are designed to be soft, fluffy and absorbent – helping to rejuvenate your skin and effective against acne causing bacteria

WestPoint Home

WestPoint Home Makes a Huge Investment in Martex Anti-Microbial Products Featuring SILVERbac Technology 

In response to the current health crisis, consumers are seeking products that mitigate bacterial growth and stay cleaner and fresher longer. WestPoint Home, a manufacturer and global marketer of home textiles, has announced a key initiative in consumer bedding and bathwear. The company is creating products that feature SILVERbac Anti-Microbial Technology, which is powered by silver-infused fibers designed to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria in fabrics. 

ICI Pakistan

Did you know that Polyester Staple Fiber was introduced to the world through ICI brand, Terylene in 1941?

Even today Terylene continues to be at the forefront of innovation for its downstream textile industry.

Silverbac products can be found in leading department stores and online shops: