SILVERbac® – Benefits and Claims

What is SILVERbac®

  • SILVERbac® is Antimicrobial
  • SILVERbac® is a patented Antimicrobial Technology
  • SILVERbac® is a United States EPA registered additive
  • SILVERbac’s® antimicrobial efficacy was tested and approved by international independent IAC® approved labarotories
  • SILVERbac® is an inherent, continuous and permanent solution that will last for the life of the product

What does SILVERbac® do

  • SILVERbac® reduces odor causing bacteria
  • SILVERbac® kills bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes as proven by tests done by independent certified labs
  • SILVERbac® powered products inhibit the growth of microbes—even drug-resistant bacteria and viruses on the surface of textile fabrics.
  • SILVERbac® is effective against human Coronavirus

Where can SILVERbac® be used

  • SILVERbac® can be used in bedding, towels, footwear, athletic clothing, sportswear, tailored clothing, denim, pet beds and other products.
  • SILVERbac® is ideal for use in all healthcare textile products including uniforms and masks
  • The use of SILVERbac® will not affect the aesthetics, color, color fastness, durability, softness or any other features of the products it is used in Products that use SILVERbac® can be used longer before needing laundering which saves water and energy. Fewer launderings also reduces the amount of detergent and fiber released into the environment that can be harmful to marine life and drinking water

Selling Attributes

  • SILVERbac® is inherent and cannot be removed by laundering
  • SILVERbac® continues to be effective for the life of the product
  • Our SILVERbac® additive does not contain any Nano particles
  • Less bacteria on SILVERbac® products means less laundering, saving you time and saving both water and energy
  • SILVERbac® has been tested and will not leach into the environment


SILVERbac® products do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease organisms.

SILVERbac’s® efficacy will also depend on the application procedures followed by each finished product manufacturer

SILVERbac® products are sold globally. The data provided on our website is only a source of general information. Due to regulatory differences, not all of the information provided on our pages is valid in all countries or regions. In some cases, legal regulations may restrict or prohibit the selection of available SILVERbac® products, the field of application for which they are approved and/or the permissible requirements for finished goods containing SILVERbac®.

If you are uncertain about the restrictions and requirements regarding antimicrobial treated articles in the countries where you do business, please contact Novel Tecnnologies Ltd.for assistance. SILVERbac® products may only be marketed, sold and used in conformity with official regulations, including restrictions and advertising claims, pertaining to the specific country/region where the SILVERbac® product is being marketed, sold and used.

These benefits and claims refer to UK, EU and other global locations. For the SILVERbac benefits and claims in the USA, please click here.