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Founded in Dubai in 2008, Novel Technologies was born after a careful investigation of antimicrobial coatings, first as paints, and then as coatings for textiles. Until that point, antimicrobial coatings on textiles would quickly wash out or leach from the garment. By developing a technology where pure silver particles, between 5-10 microns in size, could be incorporated into the fibres, meant that the silver would be integral to the textile for the life of the fabric. Not only was the technology permanent, but it was ecologically sound and non-toxic to humans. Novel Technologies relocated to the UK to commercialize their newly patented SILVERbac technology.

Our founder has a strong background in textile development and production. He is dedicated to researching and developing innovative, sustainable, eco-friendly textiles that will help guarantee the ongoing success of the textile industry in the UK, and into the global marketplace. He sees a future where plastic is completely biodegradable, clothing incorporates artificial intelligence, and where Novel Technologies is part of the solution of climate change. The company is looking forward to an amazing future as a global innovation leader in incorporated technology, and growth potential in textiles.

SILVERbac is part of the Novel Technologies Holdings Limited portfolio of products.


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