How it works

SILVERbac is an inherent, eco-friendly, antibacterial technology. Learn more about what it does and how it works.

Key Points


SILVERbac protects your products from harbouring pathogens and reduces the potential of bacterial accumulation. It also eliminates most bacteria-based odours in fabrics caused from perspiration.


SILVERbac technology is based on naturally occurring pure silver. Used in many medical applications and topical ointments, silver has been used for thousands of years to preserve and protect. SILVERbac technology is proven entirely safe, having been certified as bio-compatible and non-toxic, passing tests for Cytoxicity, Skin Irritation and Sensitization


SILVERbac has lifetime efficacy due to being intimately blended into the raw material of products.


SILVERbac does not leach out or wash off the surface of products like many other topical treatments. SILVERbac also allows consumers to wash products at lower temperatures and with less chemicals. Ions are released making the product highly effective, and the ensures the product is entirely safe for the environment


SILVERbac offers outstanding, permanent antimicrobial effectiveness, eliminating bacteria such as E. coli, MRSA, norovirus and fungi.


SILVERbac has proven product life-time performance providing antimicrobial effect which lasts in excess of 100 high temperature laundry washes.


SILVERbac has been extensively tested through an International Antimicrobial Council accredited laboratory - ensuring the highest quality in antimicrobial testing.